With the right foundation laid in this agricultural business, Dave Tractors & Combines (Pvt) Ltd was founded in early 90s by importing reconditioned tractors to the Sri Lankan Market. Since then Dave Tractors & Combines has reached its highest level of success in the business of Agri Cultural equipment.

Dave Tractors & Combines (Pvt) Ltd is Sri Lanka’s largest importer & distributors for Agro Machinery. Our Exclusive brands are sold in all parts of Sri Lanka with the support of more than 100 dealers island wide. The core products are.

  • Four Wheel Tractors
  • Power Tillers
  • Tractor Driven Combine Harvesters
  • Track Combine Harvesters
  • Combine Thresherers
  • Rice Reapers
  • Bowsers
  • Trailers

Technical diversity, multiple brands, Islandwide distribution and a reliable after sales service are the Keys to Dave Tractor’s growth strategy. Considerable major market share position in the Local market have been achieved by our strong customer service, leading edge technical support and an independent dealer network.

Mr. Dave Siriwardena

Being the founder of Dave Tractors & Combines (Pvt) Ltd which is now in its 20th successful year, we have contributed immensely to the agro Machinery sector.

Leading the business with the right vision and as the chairman of Lankaloha hardware ltd, which is the former Ceylon State Hardware Corporation, we have enhanced our operations by being able to supply the complete range of products to the agricultural sector.

My commitment to the company has lead the company towards It's growth in the Agro Machinery Industry of Sri Lanka.

Mrs. Mumtaz Siriwardena
Managing Director

My true passion for excellence with a view to motivating highest standards of achievement has brought our company to what its today.

I always stress on team play, good management and transparency. These were essential factors for the sustained success of our company.

As the Managing Director of Dave Tractors & Combines (Pvt) ltd and Lankaloha Hardware Limited the former Ceylon State Hardware Corporation, my core values are integrity, quality and commitment whilst providing total agriculture solutions to the country.

Mr. Anil de Silva   M.I.A.E (SL)
Assistant General Manager

Mr. Anil De Silva is having over 30 years of valuable experience in mechanical engineering. 12 years service at Dave Tractors in the field of agro machinery. Currently handling corporate & direct sales together with general administration.

Mr. Wijayananda Dissanayaka Dip. in Agriculture, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Foundation Level
Head of Sales & marketing

Mr. Wijayananda Dissanayake is having over 16 years experience in Sales & Marketing of agro based products including; agro chemical, micro irrigation systems, agriculture machinery & implements. His experience and dedication with his aggressiveness in sales has contributed towards the growth and enhancement of sales.